Kelly Sinacori

is a limited residency undergraduate student at Prescott College and expects to graduate fall of 2016 with a competency in Psychology. Upon graduation, Kelly plans on continuing at Prescott College to pursue a concentration on Expressive Arts Therapy through the masters program in counseling. Her ultimate vision for her career is to create a clinic that offers healing for people of all ages and walks of life through a unique integration of traditional and alternative therapies. Her ideal clinic would offer traditional verbal therapy, expressive arts therapy, meditation, acupuncture, animal therapy, etc. She also wishes to offer a variety of group therapies and create a space for creativity. As a choir-geek and music-lover, one of her group-oriented goals is to create a client-based choir that offers performances to the surrounding community. Ultimately, through this clinic, Kelly hopes to bring people together in a safe space for personal and collective growth. Outside of her academic pursuits, Kelly is involved in a performance choir and actively writes and involves herself with the arts. Kelly is also pursuing floral arrangement and her passion for baking has led her to pursue chocolatier classes as well.