Diotima Janisch

I am currently finishing up my bachelor at Prescott College. Before that, I had been studying Curative Education at the Camphill Academy in Camphill Special School Beaver Run/Beaver Farm. Beaver Run/Beaver Farm is an Anthroposophical residential life-sharing community for children (kindergarten till 21 years old) with developmental and physical disability.
I grew up in this community and went to a Waldorf School (K-12). After graduating high school and trying a ‘typical’ college, I felt that I needed to go back to the roots of Waldorf Education and pursue that as my Education.
I am now a housemother of 3 years for 5 residential students and 5 volunteer coworkers. I am also a garden crew leader, and many more responsibilities. But above all, I do this from the bottom of my heart, I am a volunteer. This experience of growing up in a community and now working there has been the best life-challenging-alternating experience I could ever ask for.