Gary Stogsdill Essays

As long as I can remember, the pursuit of wisdom has called to me.  As a young child my favorite thing was to immerse myself in the woods behind my house and experience a connection to nature that brought deeper meaning and purpose.  In late teen years I began a quest to explore the big questions of life through philosophy and then spirituality, finally devoting 24 years to an Eastern spiritual path in search of enlightenment.

Now 21 years after moving on from that search for enlightenment, with my eyes more widely open, I want to share some perspectives I’ve gained along the journey.  Because my own pursuit of wisdom has bridged two centuries—with an understanding now that has grown considerably from what I believed in the last century—most of these essays offer my insights in contrast to the prevalent spiritual teachings of the late 20th century.  Virtually every generation now is a new age, and our understanding of life may need upgrading just as surely as the outdated version of your favorite technology.

You are warmly invited to email me with any questions or comments:  My wish is that you may realize your full purpose and potential!